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Westfield Plastics & Molding can meet both your plastics and machining manufacturing requirements in one convenient location and from one supplier. Because our plastics operation is co-located with our precision machining operation, you get instant access to the vertically integrated Westfield Plastics & Molding mindset, which helps you lower product costs and speed time-to-market.


Westfield Plastics & Molding is the leading supplier of plastic candle containers in North America. Our plastic tealight cups are available in a vast array of colors and sizes. We offer our candle containers in several polycarbonate grades, that have properties of high heat deflection and chemical resistance. Our materials include V-2 and V-0 polycarbonates.


"We welcome the opportunity to provide our Professional Services to your Company. We are confident that you will enjoy doing business with WPM as have many of our satisfied Customers. Please contact us, you'll be glad you did."

Christopher C. Araujo - Vice President & COO

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